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Large/Big Integer Library in pure Pascal

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I'm working on a Large/Big Integer Library, written entirely in Pascal.
I started this project after failing to find an existing library that suited my requirements:
- must be written in Pascal, no assembly, no C, no C++
- must have an OO interface to make code conversion easy/transparent.
- must compile on all CPUs
- must compile on all word sizes... 32bit and 64bit
- must be reasonably fast/efficient, so implementations that use strings to hold integers are too slow for me.
I'm looking for people who are interested in testing and/or commenting and/or contributing to the library.
I intend to contribute the library to the FPC community, with no restrictions/limitations.

Reinvent the wheel?

If you search there are some. Eg. Gnurz.

I am interested in testing and giving feedback


--- Quote from: ad1mt on July 17, 2022, 06:46:08 pm ---[…] written in pure Pascal. […]
--- End quote ---
What is “pure” Pascal⁇ You know that already the notion of units is an UCSD Pascal extension to Pascal, right?

RE "What is “pure” Pascal⁇"
I've edited my post to clarify... saying "written entirely in Pascal" would be clearer.

RE Gnurz...
Thanks for the suggestion, I was not aware of this one. Unfortunately, it's mostly written in asembly.


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