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qt5 built IDE wrecks form designer



I built lazarus IDE with qt5 in order to get dark ide theme on Windows following the tip found here:,55550.msg435622.html#msg435622

After that, the top and bottom of the form designer became wrecked:

The top area is cut and there is a section bellow the bottom area.

What I mean is:

If I align a control to the top, only part of the control shows up.

If I align a control to the bottom, it does not touch the bottom limit of the form.

This only happens at design time

I have attached 2 images to depict this issue

Any tips on how to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

Does it work ok without dark theme ? Seem that designer form clientrect is offsetted by tabbar.


I tested without the dark theme and the issue seems to have something to do with docked forms packages.

I used the qt5dll contained on this link

Before the installation of docked forms (AnchorDocking 1.0, AnchorDockingDsgn 1.0 and sparta_DockedFormEditor 0.0) the form editor was fine.

I attached a print

The issue is for sure, related with sparta_docked forms:

After uninstalling it and installed the "DockedFormEditor 0.0", it´s working fine.


--- Quote from: LeoBruno on July 18, 2022, 10:55:57 pm ---The issue is for sure, related with sparta_docked forms:
--- End quote ---

The Sparta one isn't recommended anymore anyway and has even been removed in Trunk.


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