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Re: Wishlist - (language evolution)
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export, cvar, external are all seperated from the declaration itself with a semicolon.
absolute instead isn't seperated by a semicolon.

...which sets up an analogy between "; export" etc. and Wirth's usage of "; forward" in Classic Pascal, which I think is the only type of modifier (for want of a better word) that he allowed for.

that special variable at all. E.g. persistent would be more telling. But still I'd rather go with "static", no matter if its done as section or as modifier.

"static" has the advantage it's the term that the broader community has settled on.

I'm a bit unhappy about "persistent" since there have in the past been languages which allowed (global) variables to persist across program invocations, e.g. in particular PS-algol but also noting etc.

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