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$300 + €100 AROS bounty

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Hey salvo!

That's great :)

You can edit the Wiki page, just add your info next to mine.

Thank you Trenatos for setting up the bounty and donating to it.

And salvo, also thank you for supporting the bounty and donating to it. (nice to see you around here as well). You really keep the spirit alive my friend.

For anyone considering to take a shot: MUI can be unruly but it is possible to break its spirit  ;)


--- Quote from: d2010 on July 18, 2022, 08:16:02 am ---Any programmer found many problem/s, after you hire him

--- End quote ---
Of course.

(s)he should get him/herself familiar with the underlying graphics/widget interface and available RTL and platform API.

Other then that, it's just a normal 'job'

And strictly speaking, these 'problems' can be seen before the job is even being considered as every required information (including available (cross-) compiler and Lazarus widget infrastructure for MUI) is already in place.

--- Quote ---a)I need buy one AmigaComputer/s from Amazaon or eBay?

--- End quote ---
As explained by PascalDragon.

From origin AROS is an acronym for Amiga Research OS, but due to copyright reasons was renamed into AROS Research OS.

It is API compatible with the original Amiga OS for all supported platforms and binary compatible for m68k target (so that you can replace your existing Amiga OS with AROS).

And you don't even need to install it or run it on a VM. There are hosted platform versions available. That means, a complete operating system running in a single process on Windows and/or Linux. I would recommend to try it if only for experiencing such a phenomenon.

Ergo, it has nothing to do with Amiga in the sense that you are required to own original Amiga hardware (you /can/ of course but it is not recommended to use such hardware for the actual development due to obvious hardware restrictions/limitations. (Better use a cross-compiler).

Besides that, and as correctly indicated by user af0815, there are emulators that are able to emulate the Amiga hardware (win-uae and/or fs-uae comes to mind). Although that would require you to use the AROS kickstart as replacement or otherwise legally obtain the original Amiga Kickstart roms.

PS: I would never recommend buying Amiga hardware from Amazon/E-Bay as those are places where scalpers dominate. If you are really interested in owning such hardware then you are far better off using the proper Amiga channels.

But why bother with owning classic Amiga hardware ? There is new hardware available as well (vampire sa comes to mind or any other FPGA board that is able to emulate the classic Amiga chipset) and yes, AROS is also able to run on the Amiga-500 mini.

but I emphasise that AROS is more about being able to run the classic Amiga OS on modern hardware (with limitations ofc as AROS does not implement any of the custom hardware used in classic Amiga's)

--- Quote ---b)I need buy a license of "Pascal-Compilator/s for Amiga" ?

--- End quote ---
Also as indicated by PascalDragon.

You can use the Free Pascal compiler to natively compile your code or use a cross-compiler.

wrt lazarus it is not recommended to try and run Lazarus (many missing/buggy widgets but it is able to show its face) because of the hardware restrictions. Cross-compiled (Lazarus) code can be run on classic Amiga hardware though (as long as not expecting all of the components to work -> see the link with missing features that user Trenatos posted).

--- Quote ---c)I need  a lot of time , for testing, and repair the many bug/s?

--- End quote ---
That is not specific to Amiga or any other platform supported by Free Pascal/Lazarus.

 It simply comes with the territory of a bounty. You need to be willing to invest time to understand the platform so that you can make the
necessary changes.

If it were to be a simple recompilation then there wouldn't be need for a bounty. Again, perfectly indicated by PascalDragon.

--- Quote ---d) :'(

--- End quote ---
No idea why you would choose to express a negative sentiment there.

If everyone would react in the same way then a lot of platforms such as z80/nds etc wouldn't be supported by the Free Pascal compiler at all.

In that respect the hard part of getting the compiler to be able to run on and/or compile for the Amiga/AROS Platform has already been done. The RTL is implemented, and platform specific units are already in place (for years now, I might add, though still being improved).

Not to mention that some of the Lazarus components are already implemented and working for Amiga/AROS/MorphOS and you can take a peak at how exactly they are implemented to get yourself more familiar with how things work with respect to the host.

So... what was the problem again ? ;-)


--- Quote from: TRon on July 18, 2022, 10:37:24 pm ---Of course.
(s)he should get him/herself familiar with the underlying graphics/widget interface and available RTL and platform API.
d) :'(

--- End quote ---

SQ:=Many jobs, now , I think in Pascal.Delphi, request a lot,a lot good modifications of sources .pas or dpr.bsproj.  inside into a short  time eg. maxim 15 days for  300$ per job part-time.

SA:= But only a team with 3-4 programmers can make all good-modifications at 15 days, who, this team have complex experienced  , already 4-5  years at Google.Inc with Java,kotlin, C#, FTP, HTTP, Arm, x64,WebSpider, Dbase,Ntfs, FAt32..

--- Code: ---But the   price 300$/4 programmers!!!

--- End code ---

So, the "PASCAL Jobs" are 80%depends by GoogleInc(c),  60%depends by  Java,                  30% depends by C#....otherwise many "Pascal Jobs"  are  homeless finish.   8)

If you need learning Pascal-programming language at "jobs-level of Delphi" ,
then you must learning 3-4years  of Java or C#, after that    you can learning
What are your opinions?


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