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MS OS 1.0 Descriptors or MS OS 2.0 Descriptors



  I'm trying to decide which MS OS Spec to use for a USB device firmware and I'm asking for feedback.

  AFAIK, the MS OS 1.0 Spec support from WinXP SP3 SP1 and later and the MS OS 2.0 Spec support Windows 8.1 and later .

  Do you think that there are a lot, of the windows embedded "crowd"/devs/makers, that are still using Windows 7,8 or older ?

  What do you think ?


There is still a lot of XP-W7 usage, but most usage doesn't get new software and/or hardware anymore. It just keeps running as is.

Windows 8 usage is nearly zero, as the conversion rates to 8.1/10 were very high (and 8.0 is also no longer supported afaik)

I think you can conveniently assume 8.1 plus.


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