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Can I keep my settings - "only for some seconds more"?


This thing "lost my settings" happens in many ways.

e.g. I have a TToolbar, I colored it. Took me a while to generate the color.
I wonder: Would it look better to have it in the parent's color?
I re-add the checkmark "parent's color" and find: oh no, this will not look good.
I remove the checkmark again to get the first view back - but nothing happens.

Lazarus has overwritten the color of the Toolbar with the color of the parent.
No revert possible.

The same is e.g. with "autosize", - there is not testmodus.
Once tried - my own values are deleted without mercy.
These values may have been a lot of work.

Is there a better ways than just close the project and take the version before?

(Lazarus 2.2., Win 10)

The simple: Close Project. Make a revert in GIT. Open Project.

The bad: you must use GIT before and commit often.

Hint: Sometimes Ctrl-Z can make some things undone.

Without GIT, there is always a backup copy of the .lfm file in the backup folder (or whatever backup option was selected in "Tools" > "Options" > "Environment options" > "Backup"). Of course, the file must have been saved after the "desaster"...

As already noted by af0815, you can also try an "Edit" > "Undo", but this is not implemented by all property editors. And sometimes the menu command is grayed while the key combination (CTRL+Z as noted by af0815, or ALT+Backsp in the classic key layout) still is possible.

There is a ctrl-z (if you activate the form designer).

But it does not fully undo the effects of autosize.
Maybe it's worth reporting it as a bug. (not sure if it is, or if it is "not supported" for some reason)


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