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[solved] "documents" - how to grab?


How do I get the path "documents" (in German "Eigene Dateien) of the user under Windows 10?


(PS. The forum also has a search function)

Thank you so much.
I could not imagine, how easy it seems to be (in Delphi it was an ugly bundle).

btw, before I post again something "old" to "easy to be find".
I could not find, how to open an odt-file.
Yes, many hits in search, but not "the one" like this link above (so happy to have it).
Do you have an odt-open-link as well?
I just would need: open - search it - copy the found chapter

AFAIK we don't have a reader for odt documents, yet. There is a writer in fpvectorial, or in the fpODF package, but no reader...

All you could do is to open the ODF file by calling OpenDocument(file_name_of_the_odf_file) (in unit LCLIntf). This opens LibreOffice Writer and loads the file into it.


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