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--- Quote from: CM630 on August 26, 2022, 07:14:03 am ---I do not expect that I might make any noticeable contribution.
I would recommend you to add some dependencies.txt or add this info in

Shall I install UWLazarus.lpk or shall I Add to project?
I get an error that "virtualtreeview_package" is required. laz.virtualtreeview_package.lpk is installed by default in Lazarus. Do I need some other treeview?

--- End quote ---

Yes, first you need to install from Online Package Manager: "VirtualTreeView V5" and "Indy 10" then "UWLazarus" package from the SW "Lib" folder...

Any contribution is always welcome :D
I'm going to update the READ.ME, thanks again

Knowing the dependencies I have compiled it succesfully.
I have not tried it on a video.
Is and the same app?
They both have URUsoft in the About?
And I cannot find neither an executable nor an installer in github.

Cool! The SourceForge version was started by us and later continued by other people.
Now our official version is the one on GitHub.
We also changed our name a few years ago from URUSoft to URUWorks :)

You can find the executables at:

I have send you a PM, maybe no need to make a wider discussion here?
But where is the support for *.sub files gone? Are you migratig from Delphi? Features present in the SF version are just gone.

you're right, I'll answer your PM.


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