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I use libmpv interface, the headers are translated from the originals.

Any idea or help is welcome to improve it.


--- Quote ---I use libmpv interface, ...
--- End quote ---
Well, that's actually the difference:
You use an AV-PlayerEngine, whereas FFPlay4Laz is an AV-PlayerEngine:
no VLC, no MPlayer, no MPV, etc. required.
It links directly against the FFmpeg-, SDL- and PortAudio-Libraries to obtain
maximal control and make it as fast, precise and responsive as possible.

I'd love to use it when it's open source.

There will be a Library.
Problem is ... Time, Time, Time.  %)

I tried your UW_MPVPlayer and it works great. The only thing I am not sure how to do is handling subtitles.
Can this component display subtitles on it's own or do I have to do this myself (check current video position, display text somewhere on screen)?
If it can display subtitles- how can I display subtitles from file (.SRT) and how embedded subtitles?
If it can't display subtitles- how can I extract subtitles embedded in a video?


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