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Following on from a comment which touched on different DPI settings etc., is there any way of getting a complete list of exported capabilities and hints from the current window manager (aka desktop environment)?

I'm aware of e.g. but I know that there are additional things like font metrics which are passed from the WM: I don't know /how/ they're passed but I've seen a program's layout behave grossly differently on different WMs (refused to minimise beyond a certain point) which the developers involved attributed to a missing hint or metric.

Of course, they couldn't agree who should be fixing it...


Font metrics are usually not passed on from the WM at all, although they might be from other parts of a desktop environment. If by minimize you mean resize/shrink, it is because the programs set a minimum size (eg via the ICCCM property WM_NORMAL_HINTS) which wms might choose to honor in different ways.

(assuming x11, of course)

See and

The app (Cura) was behaving differently depending on the X11 WM running on the computer, and the developers implicated QFontMetrics.

Therefore there /are/ metrics passed by the WM, but I don't know the mechanism: I suspect ICCCM-related.



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