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Start project for Raspberry pi PICO

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Hi, tnx things make sence now!

Did re-instal, for sure.

By sellecting PICO in fpcupdeluxe, FPC version chooses automaticly embedded, and LAzarus version automaticly chooses trunk.

Checked the pi PICO specs: Dual-core ARM Cortex-M0+

In Lazarus I went to options for project and choose:

Target OS-(T):              embedded
Target CPU family (-P)   arm
Target processor (-Cp)   *

* there's only CORTEXM3 to choose

Just gonna try and see what happens...

Got it work!
Please, forget my previous post...

First PICO code ( downloaded ) works:


The happynes wasn't for long...

So what exactly did you do to get that?

Was this from the editor, compiler, debugger...



 before I got this error, I have opened that UNIT window.

I'm pretty sure I left that screen open when closing Lazarus.

The error apears every time I start Lazarus.

What I'm gonna try: open lazarus with my lates project where I openend that UNIT screen.

projectX: opoen with lazarus.

I'll post it later this day what happens.



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