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A little bit of good press...



Half the comments amount to half-hearted wingeing about Python and half-hearted rebuttal ("disk is cheap"). The other half amounts to non-hostile surprise that Pascal's still alive... all in all, not too bad.



Alas: "This is coded in Pascal (FPC Lazarus), but we weren’t able to browse the program because [Alfred] hasn’t posted the source code yet. It is written only for Linux, and he has tested it on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and Manjaro. The project relies on Python, PyVisa, and gtk2, and talks to your DS1054Z over USB or LAN."

True. I was focussing more on the fact that the overall sentiment was marginally more forgiving towards Pascal than towards python.

I've got a program here which I use for a couple of scopes, but I've not yet uploaded it anywhere since it has a perplexing problem: calls from the frontend into the dynamically-loaded backend work, but x86_64 FPC on Linux has a problem with the backend calling an exported entry point on the frontend (32-bit code is fine).



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