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LAMW - AppShareFileDemo1 and AppBluetoothDemo1 crashes on Android 11


Hi to All !

I have tried the AppShareFileDemo1, and  AppBluetoothDemo1 apps crash when I select share file or send file.

I am on Android 11 and Samsung Galaxy A10 phone not rooted.
Also i have Location and Bluetooth open and I have given the necessary permissions.

I have the latest LAMW version, LazAndroid 2.0, Ndk = r17c and jdk1.8.0_211,

Any suggestions ?

Thank you

Hi, freris!

regrettably, Android has become increasingly restrictive to access  phones folder .....

and in fact there is now a new paradigm and you can try it testing demo "AppPublicFoldersAccessDemo1"

Hi jmpessoa!

Thank you very much.

Tomorrow  I will try to use intent to send file to bluetooth!

Have a nice day!

Hi again jmpessoa!

I tryed today your advise and yes i can send files from Android to Raspberry PI.

Thank you for your advise!

Have a nice day!


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