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I am a longtime user of Lazarus.
I recently installed Laz4Android and created a first App according to  [UserGuideSample.pdf][/*/1CeDDpuDfRwYrKpN7VHbossH6GfZUfqjm?e=download&uuid=55310d13-cbc6-4699-93ba-f33413d027c0]. (I changed the link, the one before did not work.)
I get the apk with no problems, but trying to install it I get an Error: "Parsing Error".
What I already did:
1) USB debugging enabled
2) Allowed Software from unknown sources

For your Information: I tried to install on an older phone which is running Android 6.

My questions:
1) Where in LAZ4Android can I find out / set the version of Android I want to compile for?
2) Is there a good documentation/tutorial for Laz4Android, that would  explain Question 1 and many others I eill certainly have?.

I have searched the internet and this Forum for the last hour. Since I did not find anything, I registered for this forum and hope somebody will help me.

Sincerely yours, Horst

Installation guiding video is there with laz4andrid which provide essential information .Please ref. it.
Which apk you are used  ?

Hello rsu333,
thanks for the reply.Could you please provide the URL for the video you mentioned. I cannot find it.
Thank you in advance,

Hi, horsthorst!

What about  "laz4android + LAMW" ?


Ref. Laztoapk on ,some videos r available


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