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IDE dock it!

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--- Quote from: Nicole on July 16, 2022, 10:14:12 am ---A tab view for the form instead of F12 ?

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Install package DockedFormEditor:


--- Quote from: Nicole on July 16, 2022, 10:14:12 am ---I tried this Anchordocking and was unhappy with it.
One time it was there, the next start the docking was lost.
Then I read error messages "you cannot dock view what not docked" or similar.

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You need at the very last to report those issues (On the bug tracker, after checking they aren't there yet). And with enough info to reproduce.
Otherwise nothing will improve.

My guess is, that maybe lots of the core developers prefer undocked windows. For example, I have multiple monitors and spread my Windows across them. Docking would be contra productive for me.

Actually, I have it running on one Linux VM (which is for coding only, no form editing). *IIRC* I had to set the current desktop to "default" and then save it => and since then the layout has been kept. But, I don't change the layout. I don't open new Windows. The VM is for running a few tests. So other than the code editor and a few debug windows, nothing else ever happens.

I have a portrait (1080x1920) monitor, and always used docked with all non editor windows minimized using docking.

I don't recognize those problems, maybe something in here configuration has confused the IDE/docking packages.  I install the packages directly from the start, not after a long time of using the undocked IDE.

As far as my experience goes: when anchor docking is properly installed, it keeps its settings.
What you really need to give us is the exact Lazarus version you are using. Older versions had issues, but the release version does not have issues or only minor.

Warning, I installed anchordockingdsgn in lazarus 2.2.6 and it bricked the IDE.

Would not run lazarus afterwards, just gave AV errors, had to do a complete re-install.


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