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How to dock the Lazarus windows in a way, they are docked the same way on next startup?

At the moment my windows spread everywhere around and want to be found.  >:D

Install AnchorDockingDsgn and if needed DockedFormEditor  O:-)

If your Lazarus is actual. You gave no information about it

For finding a window (maybe out of screen):
Lazarus main menu > Window > Center a lost window

In addition to Anchor Docking, you should also consider Desktop:,59724.msg445557.html#msg445557

thank you!

I tried this Anchordocking and was unhappy with it.
One time it was there, the next start the docking was lost.
Then I read error messages "you cannot dock view what not docked" or similar.

I did away with it and hunt my windows again.
They feel, they are hunted and hide away. Every click some pixels down. The journey goes from the top to the middle of the screen. Then I pick it and drag it up again by hand.

The "saved" desktops somehow never look the same as my last saving.

This is the only thing I really preferred in Delphi over Lazarus: The layout of the IDE.
Is there a Delphi view?
A tab view for the form instead of F12 ?


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