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--- Quote from: Handoko on June 28, 2022, 02:28:57 pm ---I understand that is not all MySQL fault. But I can't understand why (older versions of) MySQL Windows depended so much on .Net and Ms VC++ and Win7 latest service pack. They could make it more old-system friendly, at least I could install MariaDB latest version on that system, which MySQL older versions refused to install.


--- Quote ---Requirements for Windows
The following prerequisites are available at the Microsoft Download Center:
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2
- Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable
- Microsoft Windows 11 or Windows Server 2022

--- End quote ---

I checked MariaDB requirements, they do not mention any .Net, Visual C/++ nor latest version of Windows.

--- End quote ---
I've even gone on to install VirtualBox on Windows (host) if there was no choice, setting up a VM with FreeBSD or Linux as Guest-OS with LAN-Bridge (so the VM appears as its own computer in the LAN), installed MySQL there with no hassle, and Full Steam ahead *shrug*
I've stopped bothering around with the (marketing) intricacies of Micro$oft

it's strange. I have used MySQL and MariaDB in many ways, Linux, Windows, with virtualbox, with docker. I never had problems. However my question was about the licenses, in particular about the client libraries to be distributed with the application

First of all I am not a lawyer, so please correct me if I am wrong. Also, English is not my native language.

- Server is licensed in GPLv2
- Client library is licensed in LGPLv2

- Licensed in GPLv2
- Commercial license (for closed-source projects)


We all know GPL-licensed software is free. But GPL has limitations. I forget where is the page explaining it, but I still remember we cannot distribute proprietary program together with GPL-licensed software/library as a single bundle. The 'solution' for this issue is distributing your closed-source program alone and let users to download the GPL licensed software/library.

MariaDB's client library is licensed in LGPLv2. That sounds good but still it has a limitation. I guess most of you already know most of Lazarus default installed components are licensed in LGPL too. But they're not exactly the same. In the case of Lazarus, those components have linking exception. Without linking exception, the software that uses LGPL library has to link to the library dynamically. Any code that is statically link to LGPL library has to be released under GPL-compatible licenses, unless the LGPL license has linking exception.

A good point for MySQL is, they provide commercial license if you or your clients are willing to pay.

Thanks for your answer. I am not sure if the MariaDB client can be used. I think the link is dynamic because I need the dll file (or .so). From what you say it's ok, isn't it?
ps: what about firebird? it declares MPL modified

I‘d rather go with PostgreSQL instead of Firebird in this case


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