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But... you eat all that rocks  ;)

--- Quote ---But I'll get there.

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Eat more rocks ? :P

--- Quote ---I appreciate your input, Thausand.  I really do.  Constructive words are always welcome.

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Thank you for kind words

Note - according to subject - I already posted a full fuzzy logic unit a couple of years ago. And based on science, not rumours (or in some cases above sheer incompetence ill informed or not schooled on the subject).
See here:,41144.msg295348.html#msg295348
This is the Zadeh logic which is most common. And the unit is much simpler........

And before some human starts complaining: this is on topic and a better way to solve OP's problem.

That's some pretty fuzzy-looking stuff, Thaddy  :D

Not sure how I'd apply it in my program, but I'll sure study on it.  Thanks for the offering.


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