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Boss - an open source dependency manager for Delphi & Lazarus - anyone tried it?

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--- Quote from: Gustavo 'Gus' Carreno on June 27, 2022, 01:21:32 pm ---Well, in all honesty this was a tool that was developed with Delphi in mind, since they don't have ANY package manager to boot. Hence the anything is better than nothing approach makes some sense.

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Afaik recent Delphis have some nuget derivative. Don't know the exact details though as I don't use that part, having all used components in local svn.

IIRC jedi also has some fpcdeluxe like solution to download and install.

--- Quote ---I'm not against using another language for anything, because I'm a firm believer of the right tool for the job. But what does a package manager need that the basic building blocks of Delphi and/or FPC/Lazarus don't have?! And does Go fit the requirement for the right tool for the job in the context of a package manager?! And does Delphi fundamentally hinder such a package manager!? And in the long run, the tool has to be maintained by someone that knows the language, so why go outside the wheelhouse?!

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It is different if it is a big project that standalone and far along, and quite dominant in what it does. Nobody redid "make" in Pascal.

But for an just emerging package focused specifically on Delphi it is an odd choice. And I don't even know much about golang deployment, if there are dependencies on things external to the EXE that can't be packed in an installer.


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