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Type Library Viewer, Importer, and Editor?
« on: June 26, 2022, 02:35:29 pm »
Does Lazarus have a type library viewer for previewing all the type libraries on your computer in the form of converted pascal source code?

Does Lazarus have a type library editor allowing you to define plain COM and automation interfaces, enums, records, and such as IDL? If so does this tool generate and synchronize source code implementing those interfaces either TComObject as TAutoObject respectively?

I am asking because I have been going through an old external backup drive with some of the projects and tools I've written over the years. Simultaneously I am also working on an automation project for AutoCAD. This led me to review a type library viewer and importer utility I wrote some time ago and ...

IF the answer to my above questions is "NO" and ...
IF there is moderate interest from the community

I might add some enhancements to the work I've already completed and create a Lazarus add-in to perform these tasks and abilities based on your feedback.

For reference here is a screen shot of my existing type library viewer and importer. It works by examining the registered COM objects on your computer with supporting type library information and shows your contents as Pascal source code. It has some searching, sorting, and filtering features. With your interest and feedback, I will consider making some modifications including a type library editor and implementing class generator.


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