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I just discoved Lazarus and I have installed on Linux Mint.
I need to freeze the position of the varius palette: Toolbar, message box, source editor, object Inspector. I want to bind this object and become one space of work. If I minimize I need to minimize all and if I maximize I want to maximize all in the same time. Now all is untied.
Thank you

I think you want anchordocking, read:

Maybe Desktop is what he needs:
Lazarus main menu > Tools > Desktops

You can create several desktops for different situations, maybe: debug, layout, coding, etc. Because I often change my monitors, I have desktops for different screen sizes.

Desktops will extremely useful if you can put it on the Source Editor's toolbar:
Right click on Source Editor's toolbar > Configure Toolbar > Editor ToolBar > Configure > type: Desktops

Properly configure your toolbar and desktops, you can use the IDE like a pro.  8)

Thank you! I arrived almost to my goal with your advice.
The last think that I want to solve is that the form i non anchor, it is "flying". I want to block in work environment.
Is it possible?
Thank you

Assuming you use Lazarus 2.2 or newer: install the package DockedFormEditor.


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