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Virtual Keyboard Nit Showing


I built Cudatext qt5 from source on SailfishOS (mobile), and opens and lokks good, but keyboard won't open when in text field. Sailfish uses Maliit for IM, but I also built qtvirtualkeyboard, to test, and no different.
I opened an issue with dev - - (it starts out as a different issue, but by the end, issue is solved, but I couldn't figure out the keyboard thing), but he wasn't sure, so he said to post here, (plus, it's not specific to Cudatext, as the Lazarus IDE app also won't show keyboard).

Other qt5 apps I've built and installed show keyboard as expected, when in text field...

Any ideas where to start looking?

Thank you

I found this -,46867.msg334613.html#msg334613 (reply 3) - but not clear on how to implement ... Any input appreciated.


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