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Problem has suddenly appeared [Resolved]

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--- Quote from: tetrastes on June 24, 2022, 11:43:48 am ---
--- Quote from: KesterKick on June 23, 2022, 10:45:51 pm ---I notice also that the tabs in the edit window show two units one labelled 'unit1' and the other 'Unit1(2)' (the use of the capital 'U' in the second unit may be significant or not).  The unit1 is a new unit and Unit1(2) contains my original programming. 

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Check if you didn't rename somehow your original unit1.pas to Unit1.pas, as Linux file system is case sensitive.

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Very good point. And the underlying FPC compiler tries to "do the right thing", so it's reasonable to expect the IDE to try to "do the right thing"... and I'm sure that I'm not the only person to find that when one tries to "do the right thing" it invariably becomes a nightmare :-)


Thanks everyone for your comments.

Having completely removed Lazarus 2.0.6 including '.lazarus', I downloaded the three deb files required for Lazarus but two of them failed to install producing error messages in the terminal. Having one or two non-related minor issues I decided to use a two and a half week old image backup file. That worked well and after running the updater (there were quite a few to get) I tried Lazarus 2.0.6 again as it was there when I created the backup. It seemed OK at first but the problem was there on the second use - obviously the problem was not recently introduced as I had thought - I hadn't used the program for many months.and wanted to create a password generator which was the project I was working on when I noticed the problem.  I thought it was something I had done on this latest project but clearly the problem is months old.

As I have spent so much time on the Lazarus issue and am not feeling too well at the moment, I decided to remove Lazarus from the system including the projects. I have Lazarus working correctly on another desktop and managed to complete my password generator on that system. Fortunately I have copies of all my major projects on that system so any of my programs I require on the system that had the faulting Lazarus  can be used importing the executable from the project on the other system. In effect I have not lost much and gained a tiny amount of drive space.  I may return to the issue when I feel a bit perkier but at eighty plus years old it won't be a top priority for me.

Cheers and thanks again.  Your willingness to respond and give suggestions is much appreciated.

Hope you feel better before too long.


Hi All,

Thanks again all and thanks Mark for your good wishes. 

Again I tried installing version 2.0.6, which is in the Mint repository (and which was what I had for the original installation that had worked well for a few years until the recently discovered problem) having searched for and removed any Lazarus related material remaining after uninstalling.  It worked OK for the first mini test project but the same problem appeared the second time I ran the project (i.e. opening with a new blank form though the original form could be shown by the toggle unit/form method and two units (my original unit now tabbed as 'Unit1(2)' and a new unit, with no procedures, tabbed as unit1.  Both forms are named 'Form1'.

What I can do is, create a new project, save it and extract/copy the executable from the project folder before reloading the project.  That executable will work but once the project is loaded back into Lazarus, the executable left in the project folder or new one created, exhibits the blank form problem.

Linux Mint is due for a new LTS version shortly so I thought it is probably best I wait until then and do afresh full installation then (not just an update0.  That way I should have cleared out whatever has caused the problem.  I know that is avoiding the issue but it will be less of a headache.

I don't know whether anybody around here has specific experience of Mint, but the problem there is that whoever built that package might have scre^H^H^H^H configured things in a way unexpected by the developers etc. here.

You might possibly do better getting FPC 3.2 installed from the distro's repository (or, if they don't yet have it, from the downloads link at the left of this page) and then either installing Lazarus from this site (i.e. again, left of this page). Or possibly even building Lazarus from source, which really isn't all that difficult.



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