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Problem has suddenly appeared [Resolved]

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--- Quote from: KesterKick on June 30, 2022, 07:35:22 pm ---One other thing with which I am not familiar but happens with my new installation is that when I first do a test run of my project I get the following message: 'The project does not write debug info in Dwarf format.  The "FPDebug internal Dwarf debugger" supports only Dwarf.  I am then given three options: 'Enable Dwarf 3 (-gw3)', 'Enable Dwarf 2 (-gw)' and 'Enable Dwarf 2 with sets'.  So far I have used the middle option.
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See this pinned thread in the Debugger subforum.

Thanks PascalDragon, useful and informative information.

I am now confident enough to claim the problem I had is resolved.  I've been happily working with my new installation of Lazarus with no problems so I can state the issue is resolved.

Thank you to all who have helped and encouraged me to look harder - a worthwhile and useful experience.



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