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After several prints "Printer is printing" error comes in Linux

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After several prints "Printer is printing" error comes in Linux, in RAW mode. Any ideas?

Edit: Closing the application and opening it again makes the error to dissapear. So it's a problem of memory not being freed or something?

No it is a case of the printer driver that accepts only a couple of jobs. Usually 5 on consumer hardware.
IOW you are overloading the printer. If it is an industrial printer that could go up to 50-100 or much higher.
Just delay the last job until the first one is finished. Round Robin.
It is not the computer's memory, but the printer's memory that can't cope.

(Remember the "windows only" printers?)

Thanks  :)

Hi lainz!

If the waiting for the printer is a big problem then install the cups printing system on your linux machine.

Then print to the cups queue and all job will be spooled.
And even after a power failure cups will print all jobs that are not done.


winni, cups is almost always installed.


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