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Array of 16 timages works, but at 17 it ends with no error message


I have a Lazarus program that has a TMemo of 20 - 30 file names of jpg files.
The intention is to show a bunch of thumbnail type images, like what you see
in File Explorer if you set the view to "large icons", but this program is not
restricted to a single folder.
I have an array of timages which are created on form activate with
    myarray := TImage.Create(self);
    myarray.Parent := form1;
    myarray.stretch := true;

and on a buttonclick is loaded with  myarray.picture.loadfromfile(memo1.lines[i-1]); 
It works fine with 16 or less timages in the array. I intended to create the array using a hardcoded variable set to 10 for testing.
It failed with access violations because the hard coded global public variable mysteriously changed from 10 to 3 plus million
between the form.onactivate and button click. I solved it easily be changing the variable to a const:  num_images = 10;

When I change the constant value to 16 it still works, but when I change it to 17 it fails with no error message, just ends
I have coding that adds maybe 100 to each timage.left value, and when (I mod 5 = 0)  it sets the left value back to the left value of the first timage, and
increments the value by 100 or so.   With the constant set to 16, it correctly shows 5 images aligned on the form, then a second and third set of 5
images aligned on the form, each group of 5 at the same height, It works showing a 16th image on the 4th "line" on the form, but when I changed the constant to 17 it abruptly ends with no error message.

Earlier it was ending with access violations, and I changed the minimum stack size and heapsize {$M 7000000000,7000000000}, and now it immediately ends with no error message.
The computer has 16 gig of memory, so I entered 7gig as stack and heap; If I comment that out, it makes no difference.
As I stated, It runs fine with 16 but not with 17 timages in the array.

Does anyone have a clue as too what is causing this problem? Thank you.

Maybe create the small compileable project which exposes the problem?

problem solved. Another case of my own stupidity.

I really thought my_array was declared as array [1..100] of timage but it was [1..10];Duhhhhhhh !

sorry for making another post just to mark it as "closed" or "resolved"


--- Quote from: steveinalabama on June 20, 2022, 12:48:21 am ---sorry for making another post just to mark it as "closed" or "resolved"

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Change subject of your first message to: [SOLVED] Array of 16 timages works, but at 17 it ends with no error message


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