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TChart Pro - Umstieg aus Delphi
« on: June 18, 2022, 02:02:58 pm »
Zur Zeit nutze ich TChart Pro 2014, also schon recht in die Jahre gekommen.
Die Komponente hat schöne Ergebnisse, doch die Bedienung fiel mir eher schwer.

Gibt es zu Lazarus eine Komponente, die ich als OpenSource nutzen könnte und damit TChart Pro ersetzen?
Ich benötige eine DB-Anbindung an Friebird (hier dachte ich an ZEOS).
Ich zeichne damit Statistik und zuweilen Börsencharts bzw. Verläufe über die Zeit.
Candlestickcharts sollte mein unbekannter Hoffnungsträger jedenfalls darstellen können.

Danke im Voraus.


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Re: TChart Pro - Umstieg aus Delphi
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2022, 02:24:41 pm »
You are in the international forum here, please post your question in English (or use a translation engine), or post to the German Lazarus Forum (

I'm currently using TCart Pro 2014, so it's getting quite old.
The component has nice results, but the operation was rather difficult for me.

Is there a component for Lazarus that I could use as open source and thus replace TCart Pro?
I need a DB connection to Friebird (here I was thinking of ZEOS).
I use it to draw statistics and sometimes stock market charts or trends over time.
In any case, my unknown hope should be able to display candlestick charts.

Thanks in advance.

Returning to your question:
Lazarus has TAChart, however, except for the identifiers it has not so much in common with Delphi's TeeChart. So be prepared for some learning curve. I wrote a series of tutorials which may help you: Begin with, others are listed on There is a huge documentation page:, and a large number of sample project in your Lazarus installation (folder "components/tachart/demo").

Database-connectivity is a bit difficult, please ask again when you did your first steps.

Plotting of time-series data is no problem, and there is a candlestick mode of the THighLowOpenCloseSeries. A financial demo is in folder "components/tachart/demo/financial", and you can find a more advanced project on my sourceforge site which reads historical share prices from internet sites (
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Re: TChart Pro - Umstieg aus Delphi
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2022, 04:25:28 pm »
Thank you so much for the answer and the links.
Sorry for posting in German.


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