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Coming from Delphi XE 3 and DBGrid - what to use?

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FireDAC doesn't come from Embarcadero but from AnyDAC, and after being bought by Embarczdero it became a paid one and only in these more expensive versions of Delphi..
ZEOS is a free library and has been developed independently for many years as a library that works in both Delphi and Lazarus (identically),


@Nicole: chop it up in pieces. Don't try to compile the whole project in one go. A single included unit with a different name can generate a large amount of different errors.

Start with the low-level stuff. After that, most of your (support) classes work if you change {$mode ObjFPC} to {$mode Delphi}. Many commercial packages also have a Free Pascal / LCL build. That takes care of the core and business logic.

If there is a lot of logic in the forms, putting it in their own unit makes it much easier to debug. And cosmetic things you can comment out if they throw errors. At that point, you should have a working application with a bad GUI. You can try to fix it, or make a new one.

It looks bad at the start, but it is very rewarding as soon as you get the core logic running.


--- Quote from: dseligo on June 17, 2022, 03:04:40 pm ---
--- Quote from: Nicole on June 17, 2022, 02:42:46 pm ---The information, that TBStringGrid / DBGrid would not exist now, is from here:

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That page is about documentation, not components:
--- Quote ---This page is intended to keep track of the progress of the LCL documentation
--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

The wiki page is outdated as well.

The most recent DBGrids documentation can be found at:


--- Quote from: Nicole on June 17, 2022, 02:42:46 pm ---An endless story are the uses lists. They are rather long and about 80% or them is "unknown". Like system.forms and system.graphis and even buttons or so. There SHALL be a way different from mine, otherwise nearly nobody would migrate anything.
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FPC and Lazarus don't use namespaced units as of now (despite the support being there), so for units provided by RTL, FCL and LCL you might get the most success by simply removing the System. or VCL. (in Delphi you can then set up the project that it supplies those by default).


--- Quote from: Nicole on June 17, 2022, 02:42:46 pm ---Thank you for the answers.

FireDac is - to my mind - inspirated by Embarcadero. And they worked with Borland's interbase.
So if Zeos is taken from Interbase, the both FireDac and Zeos may be cousins.

--- End quote ---

BDB, Dbexpress and FireDac in that order have been the generalized database packages from Embarcadero/Borland.

BDB was DBF and local database oriented (till about D6), DBexpress (D6 - DXE2/3) was more relational database and client server oriented.

I don't know FireDac that well, but one of the objectives was to both work with Firemonkey and VCL, and FireMonkey worked with a different way of databinding (more superficially C# like) called Live Bindings.

Most existing libraries orient themselves to dbexpress, and not FireDac. FPC/Lazarus does not support Firemonkey, not even the most basic work in that direction. Too much closed, and too hard to duplicate, and the same probably goes for firedac. (the VCL was originally a thin layer over WinAPI/GDI, making things more guessable)

--- Quote ---The information, that TBStringGrid / DBGrid would not exist now, is from here:

--- End quote ---

That is a documentation roadmap, not a component exists roadmap.

As for the namespace issues, see Pascal Dragon's answer. It is annoying because for every new form, the Delphi designer keeps using dotted names and you have to strip them again (hence a tool for that would be nice), but it is currently the best way.


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