Author Topic: App crashes after some time of inactivity  (Read 412 times)


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App crashes after some time of inactivity
« on: June 17, 2022, 06:45:35 am »
Quote: What I can see, it happens when I am not using CudaText for a while, so when I want to execute some command in CT, the crash happens. The command can be a "simple" Show Command Palette, or the "plugin: Cuda-Ext: File: Open recent file...", the issue always happens using keyboard shortcuts. (I really have not tried with menu commands)

Full report:

What does it mean, why does it crash?
App has TIdleTimer working in the main form.
Relevant lines from stack trace:
Code: [Select]
10  cudatext                            0x000000010f074349 FORMS$_$TAPPLICATION_$__$$_HANDLEEXCEPTION$TOBJECT + 585
11  cudatext                            0x000000010f205eb2 LCLMESSAGEGLUE_$$_DELIVERMESSAGE$TOBJECT$formal$$INT64 + 354
12  cudatext                            0x000000010f2061fc LCLMESSAGEGLUE_$$_LCLSENDPAINTMSG$TCONTROL$HDC$PPAINTSTRUCT$$INT64 + 76
13  cudatext                            0x000000010f20436e COCOAWSCOMMON$_$TLCLCOMMONCALLBACK_$__$$_DRAW$NSGRAPHICSCONTEXT$CGRECT$CGRECT + 478
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