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Rozeta - Program that plots rose diagrams used in geology


Rozeta is a program that plots rose diagrams.

A rose diagram is a circular histogram that shows the distribution of linear elements on a plane. It can be, for example, the distribution of transport directions in a sedimentation basin, inclinations of fracture planes, paleocurrent directions, wind directions, etc.

Rose diagrams are often used in structural geology, geography and other sciences.

Developed in Lazarus IDE 2.2.2 + FPC 3.2.2

More information:
Program home page (with compiled binaries):
Source code:

License: freeware (public domain)


Nice work!

Those are useful diagrams too.


--- Quote from: 440bx on June 16, 2022, 11:14:25 pm ---Nice work!

Those are useful diagrams too.

--- End quote ---

Thank you

This looks well Polish-ed, especially from UI POV. The history says a long time development, no wonder.


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