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[SOLVED] How do I correct this?

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Hello all,

I've done a search on the forum for a solution and haven't found one yet. My editor window has suddenly started displaying the text in this manner. I have tried changing the font; the font does change but the new font also displays like this. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Lazarus with no effect. I am on the latest version.

Suggestions are welcomed.


Check the settings under Editor > Display for Extra character spacing.
Maybe you set it at 2.

See attached image.

Already checked that. Both extra spacing boxes are set to zero.

Choose a monospaced font for the editor.

The editor can only display monospaced. If the font is not monospaced, the editor defines the mono-spaced-grid width as the width of the widest char it finds.

The editor does not look at any attributes of the font. It always verifies a few chars to ensure the font is monospaced.
Among those chars are W and M. But also the @ sign, which in many fonts is even wider than M or W.

You can set char-spacing to a negative value.

Then your font may look more normal-ish. But some chars will overlap.....


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