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Not able to reply to PM

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I have a question and hope that you can help me.
I registered yesterday and posted a job offer and got a PM but I am not able to
reply, the button is missing.

Also, I can not contact the user via his profile email.
The email form shows up but once I fill the fields and click send
I get "You are not allowed to access this section".

Any ideas on how to solve this?
Kind regards,

I quickly tested, replying PM and sending email seem to work correctly. Maybe there were issues in your browser or extensions on the browser. Try the others like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, PaleMoon, SeaMonkey, ...

I'm using PaleMoon, it has some minor issues with GitHub but no problem with this forum.

Probably you need to have a minimal number of posts to be allowed to send PM, that is a fairly standard anti-spam setting.

5 posts

I already got two posts, so can I just bump the number in this thread? Hey I got three now :D


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