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VisualPlanIt and FullDemo r8293

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This time a problem with FullDemo. After loading the snapshot r8293, run demo and switching the language for the first time, the demo.po files are damaged (are truncated). All.
You have to write it from the installation file and then it works again. The problem only appears the first time you run it.
Vspr file does not load despite changing language - never.
Lazarus 2.2.2 and Win64.
Something seems to have broken. :(

By the way:

When choosing a language, it should be:
pl - Polski

Message not working from demo.pot
#: tmainform.cbaddressbuilder.text
msgid "(default)"
msgstr "(default)"

Messages not working from vspr.pot
#: vpsr.rsnextmonth
msgid "Next month"
msgstr "Next month"

#: vpsr.rsnextweek
msgctxt "vpsr.rsnextweek"
msgid "Next week"
msgstr "Next week"

#: vpsr.rsnextyear
msgid "Next year"
msgstr "Next year"

Quite some time ago the translation system has been changed to create .lrj files, and I had forgotten to add it to the repository.

I reverted some changes that I made in r8293, and the Polish translation should be working now.

8299 - almost good - as shown in the pictures. The rest works

The translation of the MonthView popup menu items should already have been fixed in r8295. Maybe the "clean build" trick helps?

I checked "clean build" and it is like above - these two things don't work. The rest is ok.


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