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Search Control Problem(Closed)


I do a search in open files. The search returns 3 items in the Search Results.  However when I click one of the items it doesn't move to that line in the editor.


Try running lazarus with
  --debug --debug-log=somefile.txt

And see, if anything gets logged?

Otherwise, that is
Lazurus 2.2.2 with fpc 3.2.2 ?
And no packages installed? (Especially packages that change the IDE, like AnchorDocking)

And none of your files are opened via a symlink? Or known to the IDE via symlink, e.g. in the project inspector?
(symlink here can either be to the file itself, or any enclosing folder)

Anything else about the file that is not being "jumped to"?
- not saved
- not part of any project or package
- open in more than one Window

Of course all of the above should work. None is known (to me) as not working.

But there must be some detail, why it does not work....

Can't figure that out.

Tools>options>debugger but can't find debug-log=somefile.txt
Can't find debug-log anywhere.

I downloaded the new Lazarus 2.2.2 Win64.exe Maybe I should just reload and upgrade my compiler also.
Maybe easier that chasing this bug.
What do you think?


The installer includes fpc. And anyway FPC hasn't had a new release recently, it's still 3.2.2. As it was with Lazarus 2.0.

is a commandline option.

Another option is to debug the IDE itself, and see if any exceptions are reported.
(the logfile should be much easier though)

IDE needs to be rebuild with -gw3

Then open project ide/lazarus.lpi
and run/F9

In the 2nd/inner IDE (the one being debugged / not the one doing the debugging) reproduce the issue.
If there are any exceptions, the outer IDE should let you know.

If you rebuild your IDE => use -O-1

Any higher optimization may lead to all kind of errors. (Though only in really rare cases).
Fpc 3.2.2 has several optimizer bugs (afaik).

Thanks for the help.
I deleted everything C:\Las
Reinstalled Laz and it installed FPC 3.2.2
Seems to working.


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