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Question about license.

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--- Quote from: Thaddy on June 09, 2022, 11:10:45 pm ---No, what is given away for free should always be free. GPL3 keeps free software for free, with the single exception that it can never be used commercially unless due care is taken. ( and I did half of of a law degree because I was bored, 1981/1982)

--- End quote ---

Code that is released as LGPL is free as well. It's just that code using the library does not need to be free. Similar why FPC and Lazarus use a modified LGPL: you can statically link it into your application, but as soon as you modify what is provided by FPC or Lazarus you need to provide your changes (but not your own application code).

But you can ask the holder of the copyright if it is possible to have a modified LGPL instead of GPL3 for your port. If the code owner say ok, you can change the license for the port. Archive the Mails and all is good.

Personally i have done this way before for a (for me interesting) library and the complicated thing was to find out a working contact. After the first contact, i described why i want to use a more flexible license and i got a okay for this.

It is possible for Code where only one person hold the copyright. If you have code with more copyright holder you need a ok from all.


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