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[SOLVED] TSpinEdit.MaxValue


Hi all,

I noticed a different behaviour of TSpinEdit under Windows and macOS (cocoa).
On windows when I put a TSpinEdit on a form the MinValue is set to 0 and MaxValue to 100. On macOS the Minvalue is set to 0 and the MaxValue to 0 (instead of 100).
Additionally, on Windows if I set a MinValue greater than MaxValue the MaxValue is automatically updated to MinValue. It does not happen on macOS.
It means that if I set only MinValue (to a value greater than 0), the TSpinEdit will work on Windows but not on macOS.


Lazarus 2.2.3 (rev lazarus_2_2_2-13-gc7f93033ac) FPC 3.2.0 x86_64-darwin-cocoa

Do you use the same Laz versions on Windows and mac? In Laz 2.2+, the default value of SpinEdit.MaxValue was changed (

Got it!
I am using a previous version on Windows. I updated my source to be compliant with lazarus 2.2+

Thank you!


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