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Updating Lazarus Install with FPCupDeluxe


Tony Stone:
I normally never have issues with FPCupDeluxe I cannot figure out.  But this one has me struggling the last few times I tried.  This is my Lazarus Fixes and FPC Fixes installation.  It gets the following errors:

--- Code: Pascal  [+][-]window.onload = function(){var x1 = document.getElementById("main_content_section"); if (x1) { var x = document.getElementsByClassName("geshi");for (var i = 0; i < x.length; i++) { x[i].style.maxHeight='none'; x[i].style.height = Math.min(x[i].clientHeight+15,306)+'px'; x[i].style.resize = "vertical";}};} ---(3104) Compiling generatefppkgconfigurationdlg.pas/***/***/***/fpclazfixes/lazarus/ide/generatefppkgconfigurationdlg.pas(173,25) Error: (5000) Identifier not found "GetCompiledTargetCPU"make[2]: *** [Makefile:5105: idepkg] Error 2make[1]: *** [Makefile:3793: idepkg] Error 2generatefppkgconfigurationdlg.pas(538) Fatal: (10026) There were 1 errors compiling module, stoppingFatal: (1018) Compilation abortedError: /media/tony/storpart/fpclazfixes/fpc/bin/x86_64-linux/ppcx64 returned an error exitcodeError: (lazarus) Build IDE: stopped with exit code 2Error: (lazarus) Building IDE: Building IDE failed.make: *** [Makefile:3799: useride] Error 2fpcupdeluxe: ERROR: LazarusNativeInstaller (BuildModuleCustom: UserIDE): make returned exit status #512  ERROR: Fpcupdeluxe fatal error !Sequencer (UserIDE): Failure running fpcupdeluxe: error executing sequence UserIDESequencer (Lazarus): Failure running fpcupdeluxe: error executing sequence LazarusSequencer (Default): Failure running fpcupdeluxe: error executing sequence Default
Any suggestions of what I should look into?

Seems a Bug:


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