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OPM: Failed installing RichMemo

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I couldn't install RichMemo on my Lazarus 2.20 FPC 3.3.2 x86_64-linux-gtk2 using Online Package Manager.

Did anyone success to install RichMemo on Lazarus 2.20 Linux GTK2 using OPM?

I tried to manually build the package downloaded from:

And I got this error:

Fred vS:

Maybe, try to compile with parameter: -dRMLCLTRUNK

Yes, after added the parameter I managed to install the component. Thank you.

If OPM's maintainer read this post, please fix the installation issue. And someone please add the required compiling parameter in the wiki page:

I've just tested it. Unfortunately TRichMemo.Undo command did not work, at least on GTK2.

Handoko, I use KMemo and have a reasonably well working undo for that. Would you like to follow it up ?


EDIT : demo project at


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