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Using my Samsung Android 7.1.1 SM-J320W8 phone, I made some small videos by holding it while walking.  The videos are very shaky.  I need video stabilization.  I checked out all the current professionally made video editing options to solve this, and they are all subscription based.  I thought this might be a good way to ease myself into making my own video editing tool in Lazarus.  I've been creating database PC apps in Delphi then Lazarus for years, but the most I have ever done regarding videos was just a basic video player (years ago) and I even abandoned that when web browsers gained the ability to play videos.

Question:   What components do I need to make a video editor in Lazarus, that can do video stabilization?  I need to target Microsoft.  Windows-only libraries are ok.  If the library happens to be cross platform, that's ok too.  I will accept both open source or paid-for libraries (one-time payment, not a subscription), which ever is more capable and stable. 

(Assume I will use the latest version of Lazarus)

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

I don't know any ready made components / though maybe there are tools to help accessing ffmpeg.

Btw, if you can find an ffmpeg forum and ask there, then you should get a solution (at least if you are willing to do command line / or if you use Lazarus to write yourself a gui) =>

I'm surprised that you're having problems finding something. Minimal Googling turned up , which lists a number of free possibilities including Blender.


Hi Martin,

ffmpeg looks to be exactly what I need.  However, I'm having trouble with the syntax.  I'm not sure if you are experienced with it... but here is my current situation:
I am trying to deshake a video called "battle_royale.mp4" using the following syntax.  I must be missing something.  See the error below the command line.

ffmpeg -filter -deshake "D:\Projects\Lazarus\v2010\FFmpeg\src_vids\battle_royale.mp4" "D:\Projects\Lazarus\v2010\FFmpeg\src_vids\battle_royale_stable.mp4"

Result:  "Output file #0 does not contain any stream"

Any ideas?

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