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View the IDE -welcome screen


Is there a way to view the IDE Welcome screen, after I closed it the first time
I am very new to lazarus, and I am curious about, but its gone now, and I can't find how to view it again


Help -> About Lazarus

I think it's worth adding that the version of the underlying FPC compiler etc. which are shown there relate to what were used to build the IDE.

To see what the IDE will currently use to build a project, see Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Files etc.

And in light of another thread which is currently winding down, it's worth adding that the compiler being used to build a project, together with the name of the target CPU and API, are available as predefineds accessible to {$ifdef etc. But there are some details of the eventual target, e.g. the precise CPU model and the Windows version number or Linux distro name, which can only be worked out at runtime.



--- Quote from: systems on May 30, 2022, 06:05:04 am ---Is there a way to view the IDE Welcome screen,

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Splash screen, or setup screen?

Splash should show on each start.

Setup: lazarus.exe --setup


--- Quote from: Martin_fr on May 30, 2022, 02:43:57 pm ---Splash screen, or setup screen?

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--- Quote ---Setup: lazarus.exe --setup

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Thanks this does exactly what I wanted, I called it Welcome Screen, not splash or setup screen, because this is what it says on the window title
"Welcome to Lazarus IDE 2.2.2"



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