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Lazarus and VisionFive V1

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--- Quote from: Arioch on September 10, 2022, 11:01:29 pm ---I wonder if anyone managed not cross-compile, but run Lazarus on RISC-V

Granted, dektop computers are expensive now, like
But at least they are already possible.

--- End quote ---

My general experience looking- some years ago- at FPC and Lazarus on various platforms was that once the compiler was OK Lazarus just worked.

The issues tended to be (a) oversights in the compiler/RTL/FCL makefiles where a particular library wasn't built for that platform and (b) issues relating to endianness or alignment (most of which got sorted when I was whining at the developers about SPARC support, except possibly for an alignment issue in lhelp).

I definitely had Lazarus running natively on SPARC (Linux and SunOS/Solaris), ARM (Linux on an NSLU2 "Slug") and possibly on MIPS (Linux). The fact that it could be built and would run on a Slug, albeit with lots of swapspace, suggests that it would probably build and run on a Linux-capable RISC-V board which will almost certainly have more resources... perhaps I should say /proportionately/ more resources, allowing for the bloat that's affected almost all code over the last ten years.



--- Quote from: Thaddy on May 28, 2022, 09:13:28 pm ---The compiler for riscv is also in trunk/main, so you can try it out. If it is in trunk/main it means it is almost feature complete and open for testing.
There are a few members who are interested, so keep following and posting!

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The availability of RISCV development kits for £10 and chips for around $0.10 in quantity might be a game changer.

I'll report back when I have time, but if Dave can do it... :-)



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