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fpDebug not goto error line in source code

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Project for example  attached.
Click to Button1 occur  exception "Operation not allowed, dataset ... is not in an edit or insert state."
If use GDB - Lazarus goto to error line in project source code (43: BufDataset.FieldByName('fld1').Value := '!!!';)
If use fpDebug - Lazarus show assembler window and not show error in pascal source code.
DWARF(-gw3) is enabled in project options
What am I doing wrong?

Lazarus 2.2.2

Did you enable lineinfo?

option -gl is enabled

What does the stack window show?

Also what is the address in the asm window?
And, are there any name in the address window?

I had a quick look. Yes there is an issue. Actually I recall, I had noted that before, its buried somewhere on my todo.
Unfortunately it will take some time to fix...

The stack window should show some info, and you can locate your code in there.


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