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TIOBE Index for May 2022

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did you see TIOBE Index for May 2022?
Delphi/Object pascal is ranked 11th :o

Did you remember such a high rank before?

Wow, we should bookmark that one !

But seriously, even when its a good result, its a flawed process.


What I personally find really surprising is that Assembly language is in the top 10, number 8 to be precise.

I can see writing some short sections of a program (written in another language) in Assembly, either for performance reasons or for its unlimited access to hardware but, writing a complex application or, using it as one's main programming language, using Assembly these days, is rather impractical.

Here my own "Index". It's called "Programming Language Problem Index" PLPI.

Transparent to everyone. Just enter "JAVA Problem","Delphi Problem",'C++ Problem","C# Problem" at google and then sort the results :D

Java Problem = 341’000’000
Delphi Problem = 27’400’000
C++ Problem = 104’000’000
C# Problem = 113’000’000
Free Pascal Problem = 24’100’000

If you want to have less problems, then the situation is clear:

1.) Free Pascal
2.) Delphi
3.) C++
4.) C#
5.) Java

Don't take this too serious, but it's almost the same as TIOBE :D

The pair of Visual Basic and Classic Visual Basic is the surprise for me. Vast majority of programs written in them would be Windows desktop GUIs, and they rank so high when most of the others' programs are cross platform covering desktops, mobile and servers.


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