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--- Quote from: Fred vS on May 26, 2022, 06:30:52 pm ---....
The "direct" link gives more chance:

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No, still a pay wall. Probably a good thing, if I read it and Gravity does, in fact, not exist, I'd go flying off the face of the earth at 25000 K/h. So, please, do be careful about what you read.



--- Quote from: AlexTP on May 26, 2022, 12:39:06 pm ---Python is good for

- prototyping. You can make some skeleton quickly.
- scripting language for C/Pascal apps. CudaText (link in signature) and Sublime Text use it.
- learning of programming
- math calculations in some high-level apps. Jupiter Notebook.

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There are many languages that are good for all things you said. Some examples: Lua has a simple syntax, is easy to learn, easy to embed into anything, has great performance. Same things apply to Tcl. Same about Lisp, except the ease to learn. Many applications use these as scripting languages.
For other things, there are alternatives which are just as good as P*thon, or better: Ruby and Perl are two good examples.

--- Quote from: BlueIcaro on May 26, 2022, 01:48:16 pm ---I think the problem is that any one who can write a few lines and execute the program, are called programmer.

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Or "Software """Engineers"""" as they're often called.  ::)

--- Quote from: mercurhyo on May 21, 2022, 09:34:32 pm ---
So, dear pascalian friends, the Question is

why stupid languages become popular? are programmers alike? and what you think you, real pros about python vs Pascal?

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Here's an amusing read about programming languages:

440bx makes a good point about instant gratification. I see several forms of stupidity:
Illusion of "power" - thinking that a language is powerful and better than others, because there exist for it several large libraries for complex things. Woah you can create a HTTP web server in two lines? Complex statistics, graphs? Amazing, such a powerful language.
Herd mentality - using a language because it's more popular than others. P*thon has been at the top of TIOBE index for a long time. 6 billion projects on Sh*thub are written using it. More popular = better, always.
Novelty, modernness, progress - newer things are always better than those that came before them. G*lang, R*st, are modern languages. They are better than older ones. We should rewrite everything that exists using them, because they are better languages. They are modern and we should use them for modern software.
These relate to the stupidity of users. Because nowadays programmers are often spineless effeminate weak clueless naïve gullible cowards. Follow whatever trends are popular at a given moment. Believe in "progress" "humanity", whatever lies they are told by their masters. Have no personality whatsoever; no aesthetic sense, an awful taste for even the lowest forms of art. Pragmatism. Twisted ideas of form, beauty, goodness. Products, soulless automata made to obey, follow and consume.

So we see P*thon, J*vaScript and other filth becoming popular and praised.

Then there's big numbers behind that language. G*ogle, M*cro$oft, Am*zon for instance, have been funneling generous amounts into the P*thon language's foundation recently. Colleges teaching it. Big corporations using it. Then smaller corporations. Then the aforementioned people are either compelled or induced to use it. This applies to other languages as well, and related things - for example, Sh*thub having been swallowed for some billions recently. "Open Source" being target of Embrace and Extension™ in recent years.

Back to P*thon. Perhaps there's some theological principle here - a language whose name, willing or not, is an old, well-known symbol, ruling over. :)


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