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What is the best free pot/po translator?

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I tried Poedit but I can't get it to translate anything, it keeps telling me I need to go Pro. Are there any free good ones?

Maybe your expectations are not right: poedit itself does not "translate" anything, this still is your job. poedit only is a tool to enter the translated texts and to store them in the .po file format.

If you "go Pro" you do indeed get:

"Translate string-by-string, or save even more time by letting Poedit pre-translate entire files at once using the same tricks used to deliver suggestions. Then just make corrections."

Or you can simply use a search engine translator manually... in either case you will need to know enough of the foreign language not to make bizarre grammatical errors or total nonsense.

For example, in my first French class at school I had to translate "The cat saw the milk." for homework. Using my trusty English-French dictionary I came up with "Le chat scier le lait." which had the teacher in stitches of laughter the next day :-))

If you don't get a satisfying suggestion, you might need to research on your own:

I use gorm (a delphi application, part of the dxgettext project), but I use a self compiled one.

The reason for gorm, is that it allows multi line translatables without forcing \n and format() use.


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