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Switching between GDB & fpdebug


Having found Martin_fr's explanation about which DWARF to use and noting that it is possible to switch between these two I've looked at [Project][Options] and can see the DWARF Varieties listed along with 'automatic' & 'stabs' but no 'GDB'.

'auto' & 'stabs' both cause the 'Which DWARF' dialogue to appear so are obviously not 'alias' for GDB so how do I select GDB ?

I only want to do so to test a short new project which is refusing to compile rather than as a need to use older code.

The debugger selection is in "Tools" > "Options" > "Debugger" > "Debugger backend". Just select the debugger from the combo box at the very top; it should list the items "FpDebug [...]" and "Gdb [...]" by default.

"DWARF" and "Stabs" are like ".doc" and ".odt" ...

And FpDebug vs GDB (vs LLDB) are like MS-Word vs Libre-Office-Writer....

One is the data (or to be exact: The name of the format in which the data is stored).
The other is the application that uses the data.

Thanks WP & Martin_fr   -   understood on both counts.

Whether I will ever need to go back to GBD is moot but I have now proved that it has nothing to do with the TPointF problem that raised the question!


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