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equivalent setpgrp() in lazarus

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What is the equivalent of the setpgrp() command of the C in lazarus language

Note that this is nothing to do with C, it's a unix syscall. Also it's not really anything to do with the Lazarus IDE or the LCL, it's an underlying FPC library issue.

I don't think it's implemented. I can see the syscall number in the sources, but you might need to either import clib or user TCSetPGrp() from termios.


If it is implemented - I am not sure it is - it has an fp prefix since a couple of versions, so fpsetpgrp..
[edit] it is implemented, but maybe not for all platforms. I found it at least in /rtl/netwlibc/libc.pp using grep.

I can't imagine you really want to use netware/nlm, btw. But that is the only one that matched: seems tied to netware libc, not C.

Thank you for your help
when I compile I have the error using fpSetPGrp
error:identifier not found "fpsetpgrp"
when I compile I have the error using tcSetPGrp
error:identifier not found "tcsetpgrp"

Possibly the setgroups() in the "grp" unit is doing the same.

Like some other Unix user and group functions, these are in the "user" package and link to libc.


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