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Remote debugging on Raspberry (from Windows)

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--- Quote from: DimTim on May 18, 2022, 05:04:27 am ---
--- Quote from: att2 on May 17, 2022, 10:01:08 pm ---If this is possible, how do I have to setup the Lazarus/FPC inside the VM? Has anybody done this ... ?

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I think, your setup will be similar to mine.  Though you should install the Linux version of gdb-multiarch.  Copying executable by Lazarus didn't work for me (Windows to RasPi), so I uploaded it with a scp client; it should work in Linux also.

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scp or sftp, but since I'm always very hesitant about setting up keys etc. I'd rather not get into detail there.

I'm fairly confident that debugging using gdbserver will work over an exposed socket, but since my experience is that (as I've said) the RPi is adequate for native development- or at least for compilation and debugging after the bulk of development has been done on a PC with Subversion etc. as a common resource- that I've got little inclination to get into the cross-tools required.

Hence my cryptic late-night comment.


So, what, exactly, are the steps of installing software on the VM and on the Odroid C2/C4 that I have to do so I can
* cross-debug the application on the VM and live single-step as in the normal debugger, etc. ?

The way I usually do it its to put Lazarus on the target system and run it over an SSH tunnel. That might assume that your desktop system is also running Linux.

Another alternative with similar prerequisites is something like Xnest or Xephyr.

On a number of occasions (in the distant past) I've seen those perform badly since some versions of Lazarus polled input devices excessively (as did e.g. Mozilla at the same time, suggesting it was a lower-level problem). In those cases VNC has been effective, although that's not my favoured solution since C&P etc. can be a problem.

I presume that Odroids still run Linux, so none of the above should be a challenge and you'll be familiar with Linux configuration etc.



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