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Use of Module inside a Project


I see that one can compile to a module a PAS2JS project but how can I have modules from my units inside a same project?
For example, I create Vue components (from pascal unit files) and then I import them in the same project?
Thank you so much.

I just saw you posted the question under Pas2JS, maybe my answer is not what you're looking for.

Maybe what you mean was Lazarus/FPC Package.

To create a new package:
Lazarus main menu > Package > New Package

To install/uninstall a (builtin or already downloaded) package:
Lazarus main menu > Package > Install/Uninstall Packages

To automatically download and install a third party package:
Lazarus main menu > Package > Online Package Manager

When you drop a visual component on a form, the package of the component will be automatically added to the project. But for non visual components or if you want to manually add a package to your project:
Project Inspector > Add > New Requirement

If you don't know how to show your Project Inspector:
Lazarus main menu > Project > Project Inspector

To learn more:

Thank you. Yes, for Pas2JS.


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