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Timage in V2.2

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Further to this, I have just re-installed Lazarus 2.06 as a separate installation. Timage works fine when running the 2.06 version of Lazarus.

If I create a project in 2.06 with a Timage on a form. I then set the picture to some image. I run the app and all works correctly.
Then I open this same project in Lazarus 2.2 and straight away I can see that the Timage is not showing the image that I loaded up in 2.06 in the editor. When I run the application without making any changes to the project in 2.2 then the image will show visually when I run the application. But once I try to set the picture from within 2.2 editor than it will not show when I run the application anymore.

Any idea's

Further to this. I have done some comparison between the unit form files to see what the difference is. When I set the same image in both Lazarus versions I get different raw data for the Picture.Data in the unit1.lfm file.

I have attached both versions of the unit1.lfm files along with the image that I'm using. Is there a setting somewhere which would cause this to happen?

Please provide the compile-able source code. I am human, I can read the lfm files but I cannot not understand the binary data of the image you provided.

May I ask, have you tried the demos I mentioned earlier?

Hi, some people reports (in this forum, section spanish language), problems with microsoft antivirus in W10.
Some people have to add lazarus to antirius exceptions list.
May be is your problem.


--- Quote from: Sage on April 26, 2022, 06:39:40 am ---I have just installed a separate installation of Lazarus 2.2 but this still doesn't fix the problem.

--- End quote ---
"separate installation" - is this a "secondary installation" as named by the installer? Did you create a new directory for your user settings, or did you re-use the existing one?

Find out your Lazarus primary configuration path: Open "View" > "IDE Internals" > "About IDE". Get the config path in the entry "Primary configuration directory". Close Lazarus. Rename that directory so that you can return to your old settings later if you need to. Restart Lazarus - the IDE resets all your settings and writes a new config directory (note that you will have to reinstall any third-party components afterwards!). Rebuild the IDE: "Tools" > "Configure Build Lazarus" > in the "Clean up" box check "Clean all" and "Switch after building to automatically" > "Build". After a while, when the IDE restarts you have a "clean" IDE, like after a fresh installation (except for changes that you applied to the IDE/LCL source files - but you should not do this unless you know what you are doing). Now the issue should be gone.


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